Children's Charity Campaign

Every child should be safe, healthy, pursuing a good education, and secure with their families and in their communities. In this campaign, we highlight the charities that are dedicated to helping children across the world through aid and development programs. They are able to accomplish exceptional work both in the countries where they are based and abroad.

Some of the charities in this list are household names, while others are little-known organizations with specialized causes. If you want to know how to help young children obtain a brighter future, check out these charities that are all about making a huge difference in the lives of underprivileged and at-risk kids

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Save the Children

Save the Children is an international organization that is committed to helping children have a healthy start in life, be protected from harm, and have access to educational opportunities. The organization is among the first to respond in crisis situations where children are most vulnerable. They pioneer programs that are designed to create life-changing and lasting results in the lives of children.

Children International

Children International (CI) is a humanitarian organization that inspires, encourages, and supports their sponsored children. With more than 70 community centers across the world, they spearhead programs that are designed to accomplish four key outcomes: for CI kids to graduate healthy, educated, empowered, and employed. The organization believes that these four elements constitute a clear path into breaking the cycle of poverty.

Kid Save

Kid Save envisions a world where every child is nurtured from birth and is able to grow up in a stable and loving family. To accomplish this, their Family Visit Model is designed to move children into families where they can make lasting and reliable connections with adults. Unlike the care provided by orphanages and foster homes, the organization believes that their model can help children lead happier and more productive lives.

La Vecina

La Vecina works to improve the lives of impoverished children in Cartagena, Columbia. The organization envisions a brighter future for these children through programs that offer basic education in small classes, and provide support for children who have learning difficulties as well as parenting support. It also provides food, medical care, psychological treatment, and social support for the children in the community.
The work of Kolibri Children at Risk Foundation is focused on supporting children from areas that are marked by poverty, crime, violence, drug abuse, and inadequate basic public services including education and health. These adverse conditions often result in numerous social problems for children. The organization’s aim is to ensure that a child’s talents and unique skills are supported and cultivated by special attention and the proper educational resources.

Ação Educativa

Ação Educativa is a youth and human rights organization that carries out training and support programs for teachers, children, and other cultural agents. These programs are designed to harness collective action as a way to realize educational, cultural, and youth rights. The organization also develops participatory research and methodologies that are aimed to influence policymakers into addressing the needs and interests of the population better.

Movimento Bandeirante Brasil

Movimento Bandeirante Brasil is an educational movement that aims to help children develop their full potential as responsible citizens of the world. Its core values include leadership development and advocacy. The organization’s innovative and informal educational programs are designed to empower the youth to develop the skills and confidence necessary to spark positive changes in their lives, families, and communities.

Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg

Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg is committed to the improvement of the community, especially where children are concerned. As the Hattiesburg chapter of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, the organization serves as the vehicle for educational, leadership, cultural, and special training programs for the youth. Continuing the tradition of volunteer community service, this organization has touched the lives of thousands of underprivileged individuals.

Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil

Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil is a global humanitarian that believes that every child should belong to a family and grow up with love, respect, and security. To attain this vision, they pioneer programs that are designed to defend, guarantee, and promote the rights of children. Operating in Brazil since 1949, the organization has 187 ongoing projects in 27 locations which aim to ensure that no child has to grow alone.
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