Healthy Food Blogs 2018

Eating healthy provides benefits such as weight loss and reduced risk of chronic diseases. It is essential that the food that we eat provide the nutrients needed by our body. There are thousands of food blogs that are available online. Blogs that share different ideas and practical tips about healthy eating,  and our list consists of the best in the healthy food blogging world.

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This food magazine provides with the readers clean diet that is, eating real foods and avoiding processed food. This is also a site wherein you can find the latest health and wellness news, online cooking classes and videos about clean eating techniques and tips.
The author is a self-proclaimed foodie and fitness enthusiast. This blog has a meal guide section wherein readers can find dietary guides and meal ideas for a healthy you.
This is a culinary diary that is written by a former overweight, chain smoker and heavy drinker who decided to turn her life around at age 35. This blog inspires and provides discoveries and sharing her own recipes.
A blog that shares recipes that are family- friendly. She cooks for the family with the help of her children. She shares with the readers simple yet healthy recipes. She talks about limiting processed and prepackaged foods.
For individuals who are into an active and healthy lifestyle, this blog is for you. Monica uses unique ingredients and pairing interesting flavor combinations. This blog likes to take interesting ingredients and bake them into masterpiece desserts.
A stay-at-home mom shares her love for cooking and baking to her readers. Simple and healthy recipes are her specialty. A blog that shares with the readers recipes that are clean, healthy, simple and delicious.
A blog that focuses on healthy eating. The author is a lover of life. She share with the readers recipes that would nourish and the body as well as the mind. Her blog is a collection of recipes with cooking classes and also accepts culinary services.
A food blog that is clean and well organized. For people who are in search for amazing recipes, this blog definitely is one of the best. This blog will inspire readers to switch to healthy eating with fresh produce from the garden.
There is nothing better than a home cooked meal. Julie celebrates her love for fitness and cooking by writing her blog and share it to the world. This site is full of practical ideas suited for every family.
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