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Amanda 70%

Amanda Henry


sandiegolifestyleblog.com is a lifestyle blog that features active and luxury style of living in San Diego. Read about the best and the latest trends in luxury living. Bring out that opulent taste in you and enjoy what San Diego has to offer.



Paula started her blog when she was struggling with depression and became interested in photography as a hobby and as a way to keep herself busy. Although the site started as a beauty blog, it has since then grown to become a space where she can share photography and blogging tips as well as advice for self-love, personal growth, and happiness.
hejdoll 4%



Jessica is a professional photographer, avid traveler, and fashionable mother living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passions include good design and good photos. The name of the blog was born from a combination of her last name and the word hej, which means and sounds like hi in Danish. The site is inspired by the simple modern luxuries found in her home state and beyond.
Brigeeski 4%

Bri Grajkowski


Being a mom is never an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to be able to perform tasks as a mother and a wife. This blog talks about the author’s journey and teaches readers on how to have fun in the process. Get some inspiration and information about food, travel and design.
cupofjo 3%



Joanna was born in Paris and grew up in France, England, and Michigan. She moved to New York after college graduation and launched her career at Cosmopolitan. Since then, she became the editor-in-chief of Bene, wrote for magazines like Glamour and New York, and blogged for Conde Nast Traveler and Martha Stewart Living. Her blog started as a weekend hobby that eventually grew big enough to be her full-time job.
camillestyles 3%



Camille Styles offers engaging storytelling and imagery to inspire readers to pursue their passions as they create the best versions of themselves. The team behind the site aims to be a go-to guide for people who wish to live well and be happy. It is the perfect destination for those who aspire to have a life well-lived, with a happy home, passion for healthy food, wanderlust, and strong sense of self.



Katherine is a lifestyle blogger and bestselling author. She wants to use her voice for positive change because believes that she can make a difference through her reporting, speaking, writing, and community service. Her blog covers numerous topics and interests, from style, beauty, home design, food, and health to her personal advocacies.
quintessenceblog 2%



Stacey was an art director who left her corporate job to take care of her family. However, her continuing love of design inspired her to create a lifestyle blog to serve as an online guide to special people, places, and products. Her blog covers as wide range of topics from art and architecture, interiors and design, fashion and jewelry, and so much more.
julieblanner 2%



Julie’s lifestyle blog is filled with DIY inspiration that readers can turn to when they are thinking about entertaining, cooking, and designing their homes. She posts easy recipes, accessible home design, and entertaining advice. Her blog reflects her philosophy to live simply, celebrate life’s little moments, and find beauty in every detail and imperfection.
crystalinmarie 2%

Crystalin Marie


Crystalin Marie’s blog is a fashion and lifestyle destination which covers topics related to fashion, personal style, and occasionally, bits and pieces of the blogger’s personal life. It started as a creative outlet and a way for her to document her life in San Francisco. However, it has eventually grown into a business and space where she can inspire and connect with her readers.
treasuresandtravelsblog 2%

Tegan & Lindsay


Tegan and Lindsay are the Vancouver-based bloggers and sisters behind Treasures and Travel, a lifestyle blog that covers an extensive array of topics. The blog is a platform where they can share the things that they love and are passionate about including their favorite recipes, DIY projects, favorite brands, beauty tips, hair tutorials, and so much more.
Skinny 1%

The Skinny Confidential


Subscribe to this websites and be updated with the latest trends in health and fitness. Lauryn blogs about her personal views on beauty and wellness. She has published her own books entitled The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide and a BODY GUIDE. She is indeed a certified influencer.

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