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justinpluslauren 28%



Lauren started the travel blog, Justin Plus Lauren, to chronicle her solo travels as well as her trips around the world with her boyfriend, Justin. She is a big nature lover, gravitating towards both urban and outdoor adventures. Her aim is to show, through her platform, that it is possible to travel in a way that is both eco-friendly and responsible.
traveltoblank 20%

Jazmin & Steven


Steven and Jazmin are the couple behind Travel to Blank. Both are travel junkies who are constantly looking for ways to do it cheaply, comfortably, and safely. They created the site to help travelers like them navigate the world. They regularly create and publish travel guides which have comprehensive walking routes of the all the places a tourist needs to see, experience, and photograph within a certain destination.
ensquaredaired 19%



Nancy of enSquaredAired spent a decade dreaming and working towards long-term travel. In 2017, she finally took the plunge and embarked on a one-year quest to travel the world. Her blog serves as a platform where she can share her travels, photography, and stories about her adventures during her journey.
ivebeenbit 19%

Lindsay Davies


Born and raised in the Niagara region, Lindsay wasn’t bit by the travel bug until her first international trip to Sweden and Finland when she was in high school. Since then, she has made it her life’s mission to explore the world, especially the 40 national parks and reserves in Canada. In fact, most of her blog entries are about traveling in her native land, emphasizing the value of respecting the local indigenous culture.
theclumsytraveler 4%



Sebrin created the blog, The Clumsy Traveler, after developing a serious case of wanderlust and discovering a burning desire to see the world. The site serves as a platform where she can share her love of storytelling and travel with other globetrotters who are looking for reliable travel tips and advice. Sebrin also writes about her other interests including fashion, beauty, and philanthropy.
Megan 1%



Megan started her journey as an exchange student to the United States. Years after, she started her blog and pursued her dream to inspire and help other travelers with their own adventures. She has nearly a thousand posts containing advice, cautions, and tips for the best places to stay around the world and how to make a trip the best that it can be.
Janice & Tracey 1%

Janice & Tracey


Janice and Tracey are the voices behind Solo Traveler World, a site that is more than just your average travel blog. It is a community of travelers who share a passion for adventures and sightseeing. The blog publishes posts that cater to the solo traveler, including tips, recommendations and travel guides. Featuring stunning photos from snow-capped mountains to serene beaches to captivating city views, this blog is one that will hold your attention for hours on end.
Matthew 1%



Matthew from the Expert Vagabond is a full-time adventure blogger and a photographer who has been exploring the world for more than 7 years. His travel blog is a great source of inspiration for people who wish to see more of the world and want to find inspiration to go on wild adventures.
Nick & Dariece 1%

Nick & Dariece


It is hard not to get lost in Nick and Dariece’s blog, which features impressive photos and riveting stories from around the globe. The pair is currently residing in Grenada, but they are not done with the nomadic lifestyle yet. With their stunning photography and inspiring writing, Nick and Dariece are the definition of #travelgoals and #relationshipgoals.
Mark 1%



Mark, the globetrotter behind Everything Everywhere, sold his house in 2007 and chose to live a life on the road, sharing his favorite finds and stories to his loyal readers. From dog sledding in the Canadian Yukon to swimming with jellyfish in Palau, you can trust Mark to guide you to all the hottest spots and hidden gems.
Caroline 1%



Caroline is a self-proclaimed professional storyteller. She uses her travel blog to document her exotic getaways as well as her experiences in her own backyard. The stunning shots she takes and the vivid stories she tells will add countless cities to your bucket list. We cannot get enough of her vibrant and informative content.
Greta 1%



Pickles - Travel Blog for Food and Family Travel is the brainchild of Greta, a Minnesotan foodie and jet-setter. Greta’s blog includes clean images of jaw dropping destinations from her recent adventures to more exotic and lust-worthy destinations. Aside from being the master of food photos, Greta’s posts also tend to focus on outdoor adventures. From stand-up paddle boarding to hiking state parks, expect some major travel envy when you visit Greta’s blog.
Matt 1%



Matt from Land Lopers has a unique take on traveling - he is not a backpacker nor did he live everything behind just to travel the world. Instead, he is like most people, living in the suburbs while still going on adventures every now and then. His blog features stunning photos and incredible stories from some of the most magical destinations around the globe. If you are looking for adventure but also prefer traveling in style and luxury, this blog is the place for you.
Laurence & Jessica 1%

Laurence & Jessica


Feed your wanderlust with adventure tips and exquisite photos from Laurence and Jessica, the travel-blogging couple behind Independent Travel Cats. Unlike most travel bloggers, the pair only writes about the places that they have visited and the products that they have actually tried. Their blog provides a rich dose of interesting stories, practical guides, and inspiring photos and videos from across the globe.
Jules & Christine 1%

Jules & Christine


After meeting in Peru while they were both doing volunteer work, Jules and Christine have been on the move around the most fantastic destinations to celebrate their shared passion for travel. The couple believes that traveling can be done in a compassionate and responsible way, placing considerable emphasis on the benefits of eco-tourism and overseas volunteering.
365AtlantaTraveler 0%

365 Atlanta Traveler


365 Atlanta Traveler is a digital resource for residents of Atlanta who love to travel, explore and have fun. It is a community of adventurers and thrill-seekers who wish to share and know more about what the world has to offer - from hotels to apparels to cuisine. The site puts all the information you will ever need right at your fingertips.
Gemma & Craig 0%

Gemma & Craig


Gemma and Craig are currently based in Scotland, but they have definitely been all over the world. This adventurous couple kicked their steady jobs to the curb in 2015 to live an inspiring life of long-term traveling. To date, the pair has visited an eclectic mix of countries, spanning five continents, and they show no signs of slowing down.
travelswithtam 0%



Tam is a wife and mother who started traveling more adventurously after developing a serious case of empty nest syndrome. Her heartwarming stories and incredible photography deal with a wide range of subjects - from food, wildlife, luxury hotels, scuba diving, to citizen science. She is also a staunch advocate of ocean health, and she encourages her readers to travel responsibly and do good for the planet.
vegas-girl.blogspot 0%



Terrisa Meeks is a freelance writer and photographer based in Las Vegas. She documents her travels and adventures on her blog, Vegas Girl. She also shares her recommendations for the best food, hidden spots, and local events. If you are traveling into the area soon, make sure that you check out her blog to unearth local gems and get insider knowledge about the city.



Branch Whitney is a hiking enthusiast who has climbed and hiked more than 3,000 miles. His blog, Hiking Las Vegas, is a great resource for hikers who are having trouble finding good routes to peaks, waterfalls, and other great spots. His recommendations range from relaxing trails for families to challenging climbs that are perfect for thrill-seekers.
travellingfoodie 0%

Raymond Cua


Raymond of Traveling Foodie is a Toronto-based blogger whose vision is for people to see the beauty of the world through experiencing the best it has to offer in terms of food and drinks. His reviews are precisely what you would want from any food lover. Instead of flowery prose, you get mouthwatering images and practical information about the best foodie hotspots around the world.

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